'I'm not a racist': Entrepreneur defends LinkedIn post after being slammed by followers

An entrepreneur has been forced to defend himself on his Linkedin profile against allegations of racism from some of his 7,000 followers.

Businessman Louis Stead, from London, penned a now-deleted post saying he that allegedly asked his "ethnic minority" friends to not "hog" the lanes on the motorway, The Sun reported.

"I am sick to the back teeth of drivers, mostly van drivers or ethnic minority drivers in the UK hogging lane two and lane three or motorways or dual carriageways," he allegedly wrote in the original post.

“If you are a van driver or you employ them, or if you are ethnic minority or know van drivers or ethnic minority drivers — please speak with them."

An entrepreneur has been forced to defend his LinkedIn post after he was slammed as a

After the 28-year-old received criticism from some his 7000 followers, he removed the post.

But he then said he was the victim of "bullying" and denied he was a racist.

"[The drivers] were ethnic minority and I have video footage of the front view of my car as well as the side view from a second camera," he said.

"I certainly am not racist, I was deeply upset with the fact that I was trolled by other professionals."

Mr Stead's original post allegedly said he would be texting his "ethnic minority friends to tell them to tell their family members the law of the UK."