UFC Star Wants To 'Beat The F**k' Out Of MAGA Fighter While Trump Watches

Undefeated UFC fighter Ian Garry wants a shot at former champ Colby Covington, and he wants Donald Trump — a fan of Covington, who’s a big Trump supporter — to watch when it happens.

“All of the shit he will have said leading up to that fight, I’ll talk to him when I beat the fuck out of him in that octagon,” Garry said during an appearance on “The MMA Hour” Monday.

The Irish fighter seemed to relish the idea of Trump seeing Covington get pummeled, saying, “If Trump’s in attendance, I will drag Colby in front of Trump and I will beat the mouth off [him].”

He then shared what he plans on telling the former president if he’s there for the fight.

“I’ll say, ‘This is what you created.’ Boom. ‘This is MAGA.’ Boom,” he said.

Garry also said he’s hoping to end Covington’s career.

“I will silence Colby Covington. I will hit him so hard he never speaks again,” he said, predicting that Covington will want to “rethink” some of his choices and retire from the sport.

Garry challenged Covington after winning a fight against Geoff Neal over the weekend.

“There’s one guy I want next. His name is Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington,” he said, according to MMA Fighting. “I want to retire you from the UFC. You ain’t ready to deal with speed. I’m going to take you out. I’m going to make you regret everything you’ve ever said.”

Covington once ran off an impressive string of victories, winning 10 of 12 matches between 2014 and 2019 and briefly holding the interim welterweight title.

He’s had mixed results since, losing two of his last four matches, including a December bout in Las Vegas that Trump was in attendance for, according to MMA Knockout.