'Victory by leg snap': Vicious finish stuns UFC fans

Andrew Reid
·4-min read

Warning: the following story contains images viewers might find disturbing

Pictured here, Ariane Lipski defeating Luana Carolina at UFC Fight Island.
Ariane Lipski's submission left viewers more than a little squeamish. Pic: ESPN

Brazil's Ariane Lipski has stunned UFC fans with one of the most brutal and gruesome leg submissions in recent memory.

Lipski sealed the second fastest finish in the women's flyweight division after leaving Luana Carolina in a screaming heap courtesy of a first round kneebar submission at UFC’s Fight Island.

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Known as the ‘Queen of Violence’, the 26-year-old personified the moniker with a devastating display that lit up social media.

Lipski was already on top of her overwhelmed opponent when the fight descended to the canvas midway through the opening round.

The Brazilian, in a position of dominance, locked up the left leg of Carolina exerting all her energy into finishing off her rival.

Pulling on Carolina's leg with all her strength, Lipski bent her rival's exposed limb back in a horrifying manner.

Seen here, Ariane Lipski raises her arms in victory at UFC's Fight Island.
Ariane Lipski celebrates her first round victory. Pic: Getty

Carolina's screams could be heard on the coverage and the agony on her face was evident as the referee jumped in to stop the fight.

The devastating submission saw many fans and even fellow fighters hailing it as the submission of the year.

Former champion Henry Cejudo was among those calling on UFC president to hand Lipski a $50,000 bonus cheque for her efforts, with viewers left in disbelief with the Brazilian's finish.

Brutal submission leaves viewers queasy

Reports after the fight seemed to confirm that Carolina had escaped serious injury.

Lipski's brutal submission could easily have snapped something in her opponent's leg but x-rays after the fight showed no signs of a fracture.

Despite her extraordinary performance, Lipski boldly declared in her post-fight interview that she has "much more to show than what I just showed."