Uber reveals strangest items left behind by Aussie passengers – from X-rated to WTF

We’re all guilty of losing items in the back seat of an Uber at some point or another, but some items in Uber’s Lost & Found are just plain bizarre.

To commemorate all the weird and wonderful things Australian passengers have left behind in Ubers, the ride-hailing company has released their sixth annual ANZ Lost & Found Index.

Over the past year, Aussies have stepped it up with the weird and wacky items they’ve left behind during their Uber trips, with an *ahem* "adult toy" at the top of the list.

Unusual items left behind by Uber passengers on pink background
Uber has revealed the quirkiest items left behind by passengers as part of its sixth annual ANZ Lost & Found Index. Source: Supplied

Other strange items Uber drivers have found in their backseats include a leaf blower, a photo of a koala, a blonde wig and burger buns, just to name a few.

Uber's top 15 most unusual lost items

  1. Adult toy

  2. Leaf blower

  3. Photo of a koala

  4. Blonde wig

  5. Burger buns

  6. Spider-Man costume

  7. Electric scooter

  8. Dyson vacuum head attachment

  9. Breath testing device

  10. Gucci belt

  11. Part of a turntable

  12. Retainer

  13. Sewing machine

  14. Brand new 65-inch TV

  15. Kettle and toaster

Uber drivers find prosthetic eye, sewing machine and more

"With travel back in full swing, and with Mercury in retrograde influencing forgetfulness, we're back with Uber's annual Lost & Found Index," said Margarita Peker, Head of Rider at Uber ANZ.

"From a prosthetic eye and a sewing machine to a sentimental metal straw and a leaf blower, Aussies and Kiwis have been more forgetful than ever this year," she said.

"As we continue encouraging the country to get going again, we look forward to helping return these lost items – no matter how bizarre they may be."

Phone, keys, wallet, bags and sunglasses left behind by Uber passengers, on pink background
Uber revealed the top five everyday items lost in its driver's cars during 2021 were phones, keys, wallets, bags and glasses. Source: Supplied

Most forgotten items

Of course, everyday items are often lost in Ubers too. Here are the top five items that were most commonly left behind during a trip over the past year:

  1. Phone / camera

  2. Keys

  3. Wallet / purse

  4. Backpack / bag / folders / box / luggage

  5. Glasses

Australia's most 'forgetful city' revealed

When it comes to Australia's most forgetful city, Perth takes the crown, while Brisbane gets a gold star for being the least forgetful.

One too many drinks during the silly season were the likely cause of increased forgetfulness last year, with the most forgetful day for Aussies being December 11, or peak Christmas party time.

Woman using smart phone in front of busy city street at night
Uber's data showed that Aussies passengers were most forgetful during the silly season. Source: Getty

How to retrieve lost items from Uber

If you're mourning the loss of your leaf blower or sentimental koala photo, then worry not because Uber has provided some simple steps to reunite you.

The best way to retrieve your lost item is to call your Uber driver using the number in the app.

But, if it's your phone you've left behind, you can contact the driver through your account on another device and enter a friend’s number so they can give you a call.

If your Uber driver is unable to drop your item back to you at a convenient time, you can use the Uber Package service to retrieve it.

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