'Uber' passenger terrified as 'high' driver steers with eyes closed

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A rideshare passenger has documented her terrifying ride where she filmed her driver closing his eyes several times, as a woman in the passenger seat next to him slept heavily.

Footage captioned 'This Uber guy is high AF!' posted on the World Star website shows the driver closing his eyes repeatedly while driving, as the horrified customer questions him from the backseat.

“Are you falling asleep while you're driving?” the nervous customer asks the driver.

The driver turns toward her and with his eyes half closed slowly replies: “nah”.

An Uber driver with his eyes closed while driving and a woman asleep next to him.
A passenger was left terrified after her driver kept closing his eyes (left) and was accompanied by a woman in the front passenger seat (right) who appeared to be passed out. Source: World Star

As the ride continues the passenger becomes more and more nervous as she spots the driver with his eyes closed in the rear vision mirror.

“You need me to drive?” she asks nervously.

The passenger then starts to plead with the driver to let her take over the wheel.

“I’ll drive, I’ll just drive the rest of the way… you’re scaring me,” she says.

“You keep swerving and slamming on your brakes, come on I have a kid, bro.”

Later the video cuts to loud music playing with the driver leaning back against the headrest with his eyes fully closed.

“Hey!” the customer shouts.

The driver appears to be unaware of the passenger's nervousness and when she questions him for slumping over he replies: “Weird”.

As the journey continues the driver becomes more talkative and starts to tell the customer about the “multiple car accidents” he’s been in.

The customer appears to become more and more concerned before filming abruptly ends.

It’s not clear where the incident took place although it’s believed it was filmed in the US or Mexico City as the driver at one point mentions to the customer that he also drives for a company called Postmates, that operates in the US and Mexico City.

An Uber Australia spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they were unsure if the driver was an Uber driver.

"While the behaviour in the video is concerning, at this time, we have no proof to show this happened on a real Uber trip."

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