'Should be banned': UberEats customer slammed for 'wasted' $270 order

An UberEats customer has been blasted online over the way they handled an order worth nearly $300.

On a discussion thread on Reddit, people debated who suffers when UberEats deliveries are cancelled.

A restaurateur explained in a post they had prepared $270 worth of food – including ramen, pork dumplings, fried chicken, beef curry and a number of other dishes – ordered by a customer through Uber Eats.

However the customer then cancelled the order the moment the chef finished cooking.

“Customer ordered all this food on UberEats and cancelled the order the moment I finished making everything,” he said.

A photo of the several dishes in takeaway containers prepared by a restaurant before an Uber Eats customer cancelled the $270 order.
The several dishes prepared by a restaurant before an Uber Eats customer cancelled their order. Source: Reddit

The customer was heavily criticised for the “wasted” order and questioned how a customer could cancel with such short notice.

“Should be banned from the app,” a person claimed.

“That’s really rotten, people suck,” another said.

“He should be charged,” a third Redditor wrote.

Somebody else added customers could cancel their orders right up until delivery.

While the chef said in the comments the restaurant got reimbursed for the order via UberEats, the customer did not have to pay a fee.

UberEats says on its website customers can cancel their orders through the app any time after the restaurant confirms the order is placed. But the order also has to be cancelled before the restaurant has actually accepted the order.

An Uber Eats user was called out for cancelling their order at the eleventh hour. Pictured are two delivery drivers on their motorbikes.
The Uber Eats customer was criticised for cancelling their order at the last minute. Source: Getty Images

Those who want to cancel the order after that time have to contact the UberEats support team who will then contact the restaurant to check if food has already been prepared.

If the restaurant has started making the food, the order can be cancelled, but customers will not be issued a refund.

People on Reddit still criticised those who did cancel orders at the last minute, saying an UberEats driver may have missed out on payment and potentially a large tip, while the restaurant wastes time and money preparing the meals.

The chef said the restaurant ended up giving the food away to workers at a nearby business. However people were still outraged by the audacity of the customer.

“Like any service, there should be an option for the merchant to disable cancellation when the products were already made or are on their way... especially foods,” one suggested.

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