Two teens miraculously survive lightning strike

Two 13-year-old boys have miraculously survived after being struck by lightning earlier this week.

Javier Tapia and his friend Josiah Wiedman were walking through a park in El Mirage in the US state of Arizona when the lightning hit them on Wednesday night (local time).

The terrifying moment was captured on security camera pictures.

Javier told CBS5 about the ordeal, saying at first he did not feel anything.

“After they were helping me and I got control of my arms, that’s just when everything started burning,” Javier recalled. 

Doctors believe the bolt entered through his right hip and exited through his left foot.

The moment a lightning bolt struck the two teenage boys in a park was caught on camera. Source: 7News
It is believed the bolt entered Javier’s body through his right hip. Source: 7News

He felt the burning sensation for a few hours and added he did not lose consciousness.

“It felt like I was floating. But I was still able to hear everything,” the teen recalled. 

But his friend Josiah was placed in a medically induced coma after sustaining a fractured skull and concussion.

“I thought he just fell at first but that’s when I saw his eyes roll back and that’s when I thought, ‘Oh my God! He’s in trouble!’” Javier said.

Josiah was in an induced coma for a couple of days but has woken up. Source: 7new

According to a GoFundMe page for Josiah, he was carrying a skateboard when the bolt struck.

It says he was sent flying into the air before he fell down and landed on his head.

“The wood portion was against Josiah’s body. The lightning bolt attacked the skateboard, went through Josiah, and then went to his friend,” the fundraising page reads. 

Incredibly, Josiah is finally awake and back on his feet.