Two Queensland police officers recovering after separate coward punch attacks

Two Brisbane police officers are recovering after they became the victims of two vicious coward punch attacks.

Senior police have said the officers were trying to stop an ‘out of control brawl’ at West End, when they suddenly became the targets.

12 patrons were kicked out of the Boundary Hotel close to closing time due to their drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Four officers were called to the scene including a female constable.

Outnumbered and fearing for their safety, the aggressive mob turned on police when a Taser was pulled.

A senior constable was allegedly punched in the head as he fell to the ground.

“I hear it and I go outside and I see many police officer, I see many police officer, one is hitting, he is bleeding,” Witness Haydaer told 7 News.

Five people including Newcastle Knights player Patrick Vai Vai were arrested at the scene.

In another incident, a man has faced court accused of assaulting a police officer following a car accident.

Police say the male officer won’t be returning to work any time soon due to his injuries.

It was alleged the driver of a car carrying five people ran a red light on Brisbane’s Coronation Drive, before hitting a taxi.
The taxi driver and passenger were uninjured.

The group was taken to hospital.

Doug Asiata was released from custody after he was granted bail on Monday.

“Ah nah, I got nothing to say,” the 24-year-old said.

The Queensland Police Union has called for mandatory sentencing for anyone who assaults an emergency service worker.