Two men brawl on Gold Coast strip in road rage attack

Diners at a popular Gold Coast restaurant have watched on in horror as two men started brawling in the street.

The fight broke out just outside the Broadbeach eatery at lunchtime on Thursday, with fists flying between the two.

A witness recorded the two men wrestling and throwing punches at each other on a narrow median strip, which was dangerously close to traffic.

The two men started fighting each other after a minor car accident. Picture: 7 News

It’s believed the fight was sparked by a minor car accident, where one of the cars rear-ended the other.

Bystanders were forced to intervene and break up the pair who fled the scene shortly after.

“When I saw this, no one helped, so then I started running,” witness Denis Peraic said.

“Then I said ‘c’mon guys’ you know.”

The two men held up traffic before they both left the scene. Picture: 7 News

Witnesses said a woman bravely tried to put herself between the two men during the fight, but she was pushed away twice as the determined duo continued tussle.

Police later located both men, but they have declined to formally charge each other.