The Two Colours Game Show Contestants Are NEVER Allowed To Wear

Have you ever paid close attention to the things that game show contestants wear? No, me neither but it turns out that the rules behind their on-screen wardrobes are actually very strict!

In a recent episode of the podcast The Rest Is Entertainment,Richard Osman spoke with Marina Hyde about the behind-the-scenes of our favourite shows and exactly what goes into choosing the  contestant’s wardrobes.

What game show hosts can and cannot wear on-screen

On the episode, one of the podcast’s listeners asked: “Is there any reason why contestants on game shows look as well-dressed as the hosts? For example, why can’t men wear a suit and tie?”

Richard said that he had actually discussed this with Sharon Smith who manages wardrobe on House of Games and many other shows. Smith told him that 10-15 years ago, contestants did actually wear suits and ties but over time, they have just gotten more casual.

Apparently, on most shows, contestants are told to dress as if they are going out for dinner on a Saturday night.

However, there are still more rules beyond that. Richard revealed that there are specific types of clothes that contestants can’t wear, particularly on shows like House of Games, Pointless or The Chase.

First of all, you can’t wear anything bright white as that doesn’t work well with the cameras on set. Conversely, you also can’t wear anything jet black, either, as it also reacts with the cameras.

Contestants are also not allowed to wear anything with a logo on it, which does seem pretty logical.

However, the more Richard listed, the more limited a potential outfit for being on-screen seems.

He said: “You can’t wear anything with a close check, or a close stripe, because the second that they go on camera, they strobe.”

Which clothes contestants are expected to bring to a game show

Richard revealed that on shows like Pointless, contestants bring six outfits, and none of them can have the excluded types of clothes. However, if a contestant does bring the ‘wrong’ type of clothing, the wardrobe department tends to have spares on-hand.

In an easter egg for keen Pointless fans, Richard also said that there’s one t-shirt within these spares that has been worn around 20 times by contestants over the years.

However, presenters have more freedom with their clothing. Richard said that he prefers a suit jacket and shirt, or some ‘nice knitwear.’

Who knew!?