Two arrested after children’s remains found in concrete and a suitcase

 (Pueblo Police Department)
(Pueblo Police Department)

Two people were arrested after the remains of two children — one inside a slab of concrete, the other in a suitcase — were found in Colorado.

Jesus Dominguez, 35, and Corena Rose Minjarez, 36, have been charged with first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse, the Pueblo Police Department said Friday.

Mr Dominguez is the father of the two children, and Ms Minjarez is his girlfriend but is unrelated to the children, police told KUSA.

The children, Yesenia Dominguez and Jesus Dominguez Jr, had not been seen since the summer of 2018, when they were three and five respectively.

Police discovered Yesenia’s remains in a “metal container in a storage unit that was filled with hardened concrete” in January, after which they brought the two suspects in for questioning.

Days later, police found Ms Minjarez’s car at a scrap yard, inside of which they found a suitcase containing the young boy’s remains.

Despite not having been seen for more than five years, the children had never been reported missing. Police said they were unaware of the missing children until they found Yesenia’s body.

Ms Minjarez was arrested Thursday, and Mr Dominguez was taken into custody on Saturday.

Both are being held on $2m bond, according to jail records. It is unclear if either has retained an attorney.