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Twitch says it fixed an issue that prevented people from watching streams

The problems began at around 1PM ET.

Igor Bonifacic / Engadget

Twitch has fixed an issue that had temporarily prevented parts of the platform, including channels and streams, from loading properly. According to Downdetector, the outage began around 1PM ET. At one point, the website logged more than 21,000 complaints that the streaming platform wasn't working properly.

At 1:24PM ET, Twitch acknowledged the outage. "We are investigating an issue preventing multiple areas of Twitch from loading," the company's official support account said on Twitter. Less than an hour later, Twitch said it was working to deploy a fix. At 2:36PM ET, Twitch posted that things were back in working order. "We have fixed the issues impacting multiple areas of Twitch and services should be back to normal," the company said. "If you're experiencing an issue loading part of the site please refresh your browser tab to see if this resolves it. Thank you again for your patience."

It's unclear what started causing the issues, but one member of the Engadget team noticed they could continue watching a stream as long as they didn't refresh their browser window. Some Twitch streamers took to Discord so members of their chat could still talk with one another. We'll update this article if Twitch provides more information about what happened.

Update 3:23PM ET: Added confirmation that Twitch resolved the outage.