Twins caught up in vicious love triangle row

They are supposed to have a bond no one can break, but Croatian twins have been caught up in a vicious and bloody love triangle row.

Sara Grkovic, 22, allegedly stabbed her identical twin sister, Dajana, with a kitchen knife after a row over a man they both liked.

The Croatian model is now facing attempted murder charges.

Dajana suffered stab wounds to her chest and thigh and was taken to hospital in a life threatening condition, according to reports.

Croatian model Sara Grkovic, 22, is facing attempted murder charges after allegedly stabbing her identical twin sister. Photo: Facebook

Police were called after neighbours, who described the girls as polite and friendly, reported a commotion.

It is understood the 22-year-old girls lived together with their mother in the northern Croatian city of Rijeka.

Identical twins Sara and Dajana with their mother in younger years. Photo: Facebook

One neighbour told local TV: "They were always immaculately groomed and polite, and as alike as two peas in a pod. I never knew which one was passing me in the corridor but they always said hello.

"They were apparently arguing about a man that they both liked. He seems to have settled down in a relationship with Dajana and Sara was not happy about it. I never thought it would have come to her trying to kill her sister though."
Dajana is in the intensive care ward at a local hospital with a deep wound to her chest and thigh.

Doctors say her condition is now stable.

Afternoon news break – February 3