TV star’s gruesome injury while sleeping

TV personality Tony Squires at Channel Seven, Pyrmont, Sydney.
Media personality Tony Squires shared a deadly experience that happened to him this month. Picture: Supplied

A renowned Aussie media personality has shared his experience with a dangerous sleep disorder that nearly claimed his life during a night of restless dreaming.

On Friday morning, Fox Sports presenter and media icon Tony Squires told 2DAY FM’s breakfast show about a risky situation he found himself in after a night of dreaming he was a sports star.

“I have this wonderful thing called REM sleep disorder,” he told Hughesy, Ed and Erin.

“When most people get in REM sleep, they can’t move their muscles as well – they have dreams, they don’t act them out.

Squires hosts The Back Page on Fox Sports. Picture: Instagram
Tony Squires hosts The Back Page on Fox Sports. Picture: Instagram

“I get to act them out.”

Squires told the trio that in his dream he was playing rugby league and was lining up an opposing player.

“So I lined him up, I started to run and I dived straight into him, and what I was actually diving straight into was the corner table next to the bed in the spare room at my mum’s house,” he said.

Tony Squires injured himself during his sleep. Picture: Supplied
He injured himself during his sleep. Picture: Supplied
Tony Squires shared a sleep disorder that nearly killed him. Picture: Supplied
The media icon said he had a REM sleep disorder. Picture: Instagram

An image of Squires’ injury shows a huge scar across his ear where he came into contact with the furniture.

“It was like I’d been in a knife fight,” he said.

“The weird thing was I knew I wasn’t on a football field at that stage, but I knew that it had been a dream because these things happen.

“In fact, just for example, the night before last I woke up sitting up in the bed roaring, saying ‘I’m coming for you’ and pointing at somebody that was apparently coming into my bedroom.”

He said he believed it was happening more and more as he got older.

Squires is best known for his work as host of The Back Page on Fox Sports as well as an array of shows on Triple M radio.

He was also the host of popular ABC show The Fat, which ran from 2000 to 2003.