TV broadcaster apologises after showing rower naked from waist down on breakfast news

Melissa Hills

Breakfast television viewers in the UK were left in shock when a shot of a female rower naked from the waist down was accidentally included in a morning news package.

The mistake happened on BBC breakfast television when the all-women rowing team called the Yorkshire Rows were being interviewed after they completed a record breaking expedition across the Atlantic Ocean.

The broadcaster has since apologised for the error and quickly amended the clip which aired on Monday morning.

The footage showed the team at sea together and a picture of Helen Butters, 45, naked below the waist.

The four women including Ms Butters, Janette Bennadi, Frances Davies and Niki Doeg set a Guinness World Record on February 25, becoming the oldest all female crew to cross an ocean.

The group said they encountered such hot conditions during their journey that they often rowed parts of the journey naked, the Independent reports.

Ms Butter was reportedly actually the most unsure member of the group to strip down in front of her teammates.

She admitted that she was 'the last one to embrace my nakedness'.

Ms Bennadi, 51, said, “It was so wet all the time – to wear clothes all the time was a bit silly really because they’d just get wet and they’d take a long time to dry so it was easier to [be naked]," reports the Independent.

A BBC spokesman said, “We quickly realised our error and edited the clip so it wasn't broadcast again later in the programme.

“We apologise to our guest and our viewers for the mistake.”