Trump Reveals His Shiny New ‘No Holds Barred’ Debate Plan


Donald Trump spent the latter half of his Fourth of July spamming posts to Truth Social, where he raged against Jack Smith, took shots at ABC News’ George “Slopadopoulos,” and even revealed the parameters of his dream presidential debate night.

That debate, Trump wrote, would be “no holds barred” with only him and Biden on stage—no moderators in sight.

“What a great evening it would be, just the two of us, one on one, in a good, old fashioned debate,” Trump wrote, “the way it used to be.”

If that hypothetical debate were ever to take place, Trump claimed he’d challenge Biden on immigration, inflation, electric vehicles, transgender people in athletics, and “so much more.”

Trump called the debate format the “answer to the Crooked Joe Biden Incompetence Puzzle” and said it would also be “yet another test for me.”

Trump Caught on Video Claiming ‘Broken-Down’ Biden Has Quit: ‘It’s Kamala’

It’s somewhat surprising Trump would clamor for debate rules different from what CNN used a week ago. He was the night’s clear winner–despite inconsistency after inconsistency–and Biden’s disaster of a performance has raised questions about whether he should be the Democrats’ 2024 nominee or not, leaving his political future in doubt. Biden has consistently claimed that he will stay in the race, however.

A second debate between Biden Trump will take place in a September rematch, hosted ABC News on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Moderators, or an agreed list of rules, have yet to be announced.

Trump has laid somewhat low since the debate. He has refrained from calling into right-wing cable news outlets and holding public events or rallies. Instead, he’s spent his time golfing and posting insults at Biden while the president’s camp has been in full-on crisis mode.

The former president’s holiday posts appeared to show him ramping back up to his usual level of personal attacks, however, with him making it a point to single out the vice president, who he referred to as “Laffin” Kamala Harris.

“She did poorly in the Democrat Nominating process, starting out at Number Two, and ending up defeated and dropping out, even before getting to Iowa,” he added.

Trump Tees Off on Biden After Debate With a Round of Golf Clip Trolling

In a post to wish his followers a happy Independence Day, the ex-president couldn’t get through even a single sentence before he bashed Biden.

“Happy Fourth of July to all, including to our highly incapable ‘President,’ who uses Prosecutors to go after his Political Opponent, who choked like a dog during the Debate but tried to pretend it was ‘International Travel’ (only 12 days rest!) and, when that gig was up, he blamed it on a ‘cold,’” he wrote.

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