Trump rally speech derailed by heckler - again

Donald Trump once again suffered multiple interruptions from hecklers at a recent campaign rally in New Hampshire.

Shortly after taking to the stage in Laconia on Monday, the former president was shouted at, causing him to pause and laugh.

“She’s back!” he told supporters gathered at the event. “She’s going home now. Where have you been darling?”

He added: “You know we don’t have that like we used to. We used to have that all the time.”

Later on in the rally Mr Trump also shrugged off several further interruptions including from his own supporters, who called on him to free the January 6 Capitol riot prisoners and shouted QAnon slogans.

“Where we go one, we go all,” shouted a man in the audience – a slogan for supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory – to which Mr Trump smiled and nodded.

“Free the J6’ers!” a woman then shouted, prompting Mr Trump to point at her and reply, “We will.”

Voting is underway in the New Hampshire primary (REUTERS)
Voting is underway in the New Hampshire primary (REUTERS)

The rally came ahead of the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, in which Mr Trump still holds a commanding double-digit lead over his main remaining rival Nikki Haley.

The former president also faced protests at campaign rallies in Iowa last week, after a demonstrator called him out for accepting millions of dollars from foreign businesses while he was president.

“You’ve taken millions!” the female protestor was heard shouting. Boos from the crowd drowned out the woman before Mr Trump taunted: “Go home to Mommy! Your mommy’s worried.”

He later criticised the protestor, calling her “young and immature,” only to come face to face with even more heckling and booing that broke out when another protester could be heard calling Mr Trump a “climate criminal”.

Mr Trump recently admitted that his businesses had received millions in payments from China, Saudi Arabia, and other foreign governments while he was president.

The former president made the admission following a report by the House Oversight Committee which found his businesses had received $7.8m from at least 20 different countries.