Trump presses Nevada Republicans to sign voter ID petition: A very ‘Big Deal’

Former President Trump urged Nevada Republicans to sign a petition that would require voters to bring identification to the polls, calling it a very “Big Deal.”

“A very important effort is now underway in Nevada to amend the State Constitution to require VOTER ID. But this can only happen if enough Citizens of Nevada sign the Petition to put the proposed VOTER ID Amendment on the Ballot for the November 5, 2024 Election,” Trump posted to his Truth Social site on Thursday.

“If you are showing up today to vote in the GOP Caucus in Nevada, make sure to sign the Petition for VOTER ID that many people will be circulating at Caucus locations,” he continued. “This is a very ‘BIG DEAL.’ Thank you.”

A Republican PAC in Nevada, Repair the Vote, filed a ballot initiative in November that would amend the state constitution and require voters to present a photo ID at a polling place and add additional identification measures, such as a Nevada driver’s license number or a Social Security number, to mail-in ballots. A voter filed a lawsuit looking to block the initiative for the upcoming election.

If passed, the new laws would make Nevada’s voting laws some of the strictest in the country, according to the complaint obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

David Gibbs, the president of the PAC, attempted in 2022 to file the initiative but was unsuccessful after a judge took issue with the amendment’s description, the outlet reported.

The group also proposed another failed ballot measure that would have repealed universal mail-in voting and established community ballot collection, Democracy Docket reported.

Under state requirements, the PAC will need to earn signatures from 10 percent of voters who participated in the most recent general election. According to Ballotpedia, an amendment would require more than 102,000 signatures to be placed on the ballot in the fall. Of the total number of signatures required, 25 percent must come from each of Nevada’s four congressional districts.

Republican voters in Nevada will have had two opportunities to go to the polls this week, as former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley appeared on the GOP primary ballot and President Biden appeared on the Democratic primary ballot on Tuesday. Trump will be the only major candidate appearing on the Nevada caucus ballot Thursday.

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