Trump lawyer's outrageous mishap during wild press conference

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney has had an unfortunate grooming mishap during a fiery press conference where he again argued against overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden rightfully achieved 74 more electoral college votes than his boss.

Rudy Giuliani has remained determined to convince the public that Trump won, falsely claiming that a recount would prove that “illegal ballots” were the reason for Joe Biden’s win.

Addressing the media in Washington DC, Giuliani on Thursday (local time) claimed the campaign had “more than double the number of votes needed to overturn the election”.

He experienced an unfortunate hair dye mishap during the media conference which reportedly caught the attention of Trump’s team in a video stream shared to Twitter.

Mr Giuliani had an unfortunate hair dye mishap during his Thursday media conference. Source: Getty Images
Mr Giuliani had an unfortunate hair dye mishap during his Thursday media conference. Source: Getty Images

Two people were heard in the stream, laughing about Mr Giuliani’s dye trickling down his face as he sweated profusely in the lights and small, crowded room.

Arguments of widespread voter fraud ‘have no basis in fact’

Trump, who will remain in office until January 20, has yet to concede defeat, with his campaign pursuing recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin, and filing lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Those legal motions, littered with factual errors, have been dismissed by Biden's campaign as “theatrics” that are not based on sound law.

State and federal election officials, as well as outside experts, say the argument that the election was stolen from Trump by widespread voter fraud has no basis in fact.

Giuliani this week said that “provable, illegal ballots” would show differently, along with 1000 affidavits from Americans alleging vote fraud.

The lawyer claimed the Trump office was “getting more every day”.

“We cannot allow these crooks, because that's what they are, to steal an election from the American people. They elected Donald Trump. They didn't elect Joe Biden,” he said.

Rudi Giuliani signals to the crowd with two fingers up.
Rudi Giuliani made a host of baseless claims to the media this week, arguing Trump would return to office in 2021. Source: Getty Images

Trump lawyer pushes extensive voter fraud claim

Giuliani presented a theory of Democratic voting staff filing votes on behalf of 15,000 Pittsburgh residents who had already mailed absentee votes.

He called his theory “circumstantial evidence of the fraud”, while direct evidence would be revealed “when people testify that that’s what happened to them”.

Giuliani claimed he would be able to prove “18 different ways” that Trump “won Pennsylvania by 300,000 votes” and Michigan “by probably 50,000 votes”.

“When I went to bed on election night, he (Trump) was ahead in all those states, every single one of those states.

“How is it they all turned around? Every single one of them turned around.”

Giuliani addresses media in Washington DC.
Giuliani alleged "witnesses" would be able to prove his theory of vote fraud. Source: Getty Images

He alleged there was a “plan” from “Democratic bosses” to turn the voting in Biden’s favour, and claimed “there are witnesses that say there was a plan”.

Giuliani argued that “media censorship” in the US “is almost as dangerous as the election fraud we’re revealing”.

The former New York mayor has been promising to provide the president with evidence of voter fraud but has continued to produce little actual evidence.

Opposing lawyers in a Pennsylvania courtroom asked a US District Judge to throw out the case, calling the evidence presented by Giuliani “at best, garden-variety irregularities”.

These would not warrant undoing Pennsylvania’s election results, which ultimately delivered the White House for Biden, they said.

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