Trump hush money trial transcripts to be made public

NEW YORK — New York Courts will be posting the transcripts of Donald Trump’s historic hush money trial.

Each day’s transcripts will be posted online and publicly available before the end of the following business day, “to ensure broad and continuous public access to this extraordinarily high-profile case,” according to a release.

Trial proceedings are not broadcast and space inside the courtroom for members of the public is extremely limited, making the transcripts the best, most direct way for the public to follow along the first criminal trial of a U.S. president, Chief Administrative Judge Joseph Zayas said in the release.

“This measure is in the interest of the public good and aligns with the court system’s commitment to judicial transparency and its ongoing efforts to enhance public access to, and understanding of the courts and justice system,” Zayas said.

Court stenographers control their own rates and often charge dollars per page for high-profile trials — sometimes raking in thousands of dollars per day.

The New York Daily News editorial board has extensively called for the release of the transcripts, along with an array of lawyers and other news outlets.