Trump hits Biden for blaming ‘disaster’ inflation on shrinking size of Snickers Bars

Former President Trump criticized President Biden’s handling of inflation in a late-night social media rant, joking that he is blaming his “economic disaster” on the shrinking size of Snickers Bars.

In back-to-back Truth Social posts late Friday night, Trump went after Biden, his likely general rival, for suggesting “corporate greed” is largely responsible for prices remaining high.

“Unbelievably, Crooked Joe went on television last week and proclaimed in an interview that Americans can actually AFFORD his brutal inflation tax — he declared that families QUOTE ‘have the money to spend,’ and then Biden blamed his economic disaster on companies shrinking the size of their Snickers bars,” Trump wrote.

“But Americans are not struggling to make ends meet because they’re buying TOO MANY SNICKERS BARS — they’re struggling because we have the worst, most incompetent, most corrupt president in the history of our country,” he added.

His remarks reference what Biden said during a sit-down interview with CNN last week. The incumbent suggested he is “working on” keeping corporations in check over what has been dubbed as “shrinkflation.”

“If you take a look at what people have, they have the money to spend. It angers them and angers me that you have to spend more,” Biden said. “It’s like 20 percent less for the same price. That’s corporate greed. That’s corporate greed. And we have got to deal with it. And that’s what I’m working on.”

In April, inflation slowed down, falling around 3.4 percent, according to data released by the Labor Department. Grocery prices also fell last month for the first time in a year.

Despite the drop, Americans listed inflation or high cost of living as “the most important financial problem facing” their families, according to a Gallup poll from early May.

In the lead-up to the general election, a variety of polls have found that Americans trust Trump over Biden when it comes to handling the economy and inflation. Around 46 percent of Americans said they trust the former president on the economy, while 32 percent said the same about Biden, an ABC News/Ipsos poll released in early May found.

Trump, in another post on Truth Social, also blamed Biden for young Americans struggling to pay rent or make car payments, and their inability to purchase homes.

“One of the most vicious effects of the Biden Inflation Tax is how Crooked Joe has made it impossible for millions of Americans, especially YOUNG Americans, to buy a home, a car, or even make rent,” Trump said. “High inflation means high prices, high interest rates, high mortgage rates, and death for the American Dream.”

“Despite what Biden says, the American People CANNOT afford his inflation nightmare—and we DEFINITELY cannot afford four more years of Crooked Joe Biden,” Trump added.

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