Trump demands drug test for Biden ahead of first debate

Former President Trump said he wants President Biden to be drug-tested before their first debate.

“I’m gonna demand a drug test too, by the way,” Trump said at the Minnesota Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner Friday. “I am, no I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union, he was high as a kite.”

Trump has previously stated in a radio interview that Biden was “all jacked up” at the beginning of his State of the Union address, as well as “higher than a kite.”

The former president and Biden rapidly agreed to two presidential debates in June and September on CNN and ABC on Wednesday. Biden and Trump now have just a little over a month before they participate in their first debate.

“They gotta be fair, I think they gotta be fair, and if they’re not, you know, you have to deal with it. Right? You have to deal with it,” Trump said at the dinner.

Rep. Greg Murphy (R-N.C.) suggested Thursday that Biden “must’ve been jacked up” when he gave the State of the Union address in March.

“I was in the State of the Union address and Joe Biden must have been jacked up on something that day. I absolutely believe that from a medical viewpoint and actually have a little bit of good knowledge that happened,” Murphy said. “He can’t stand, and he can’t stand under the lights for that long, and I don’t think he can keep a concept in his brain that long.”

The Hill has reached out to the Biden campaign.

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