Trump campaign calls CNN report on increasing bond concerns ‘pure bulls‑‑‑’

Former President Trump’s campaign blasted a CNN report about increasing concerns over his $454 million bond as “pure bullshit.”

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported Tuesday night that the former president is in “panic mode” over the high bond amount set for his New York civil fraud case, citing sources familiar with Trump’s thinking. Steven Cheung, the communications director for Trump’s campaign, rejected the claims in response to the report.

“These baseless innuendos are pure bullshit and fake news. President Trump has filed a motion to stay the unjust, unconstitutional, un-American judgment from New York Judge Arthur Engoron in a political Witch Hunt brought by a corrupt Attorney General,” Cheung said in a statement.

“A bond of this size would be an abuse of the law, contradict bedrock principals of our Republic, and fundamentally undermine the rule of law in New York. President Trump will continue fighting and beating all of these Crooked Joe Biden-directed hoaxes and will Make America Great Again,” he added.

Time is running out for Trump to secure a half billion-dollar bond in the New York civil fraud case, in which Judge Arthur Engoron ordered the former president to pay a $454 million judgment.

Trump is looking to post a bond so the enforcement of the ruling would be automatically paused while he appeals — but his lawyers revealed in a Monday court filing that it is “impossible” for him to secure the full amount for an appeals bond due to the high cost.

His lawyers are having trouble finding a Treasury Department-approved surety company that would be willing to underwrite the bond. Most companies would not accept him putting up property as a collateral, the lawyers argued.

CNN reported that Trump’s campaign was looking for wealthy supporters to back the $454 million bond and that he was examining which assets he could possibly sell off. Some of Trump’s allies have already asked publicly if wealthy donors could pitch in to help the former president.

“Why are there no Republican multi-billionaires offering to lend President Trump the funds to file his appeal in the outrageous case in NY state? Are none of them liquid enough to help or join with others to help?  This is an outrage,” conservative radio host Mark Levin wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, who served as director of the National Economic Council (NEC) during the Trump administration, asked “Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary on Tuesday to lend the former president the money.

“If he can’t get to the Supreme Court, will you loan him $460 million … in order to protect America’s name?” he asked.

O’Leary dodged answering the question and suggested the Supreme Court should intervene.

The Hill has reached out to CNN for comment.

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