Trump Calls for Less Courthouse Security, More MAGA Protests

Donald Trump would really like his fans to protest outside of his criminal hush money trial in Manhattan.

It’s not really happening, though, so Trump is lying about the police presence outside the court to create the impression that his fans aren’t able to get near the area. “We have more police presence here than anyone has ever seen — for blocks you can’t get near this courthouse,” he said before entering on court on Tuesday, adding that “it all starts with Joe Biden.”

In reality, there is plenty of room to protest in designated areas outside of the Manhattan Criminal Court, but MAGA aficionados have shown little willingness to organize around the trial. On Monday, a disgruntled Trump called for security around the trial to be eased so that his followers would feel more comfortable gathering to support him.

“The Palestinian Protests at Columbia University have CLOSED THE COLLEGE DOWN. But the area surrounding the Courthouse, in Downtown Manhattan, is closed up like a drum, with New York City’s Finest (Police) all over the place,” Trump wrote Monday on Truth Social after leaving court for the day. The former president referenced ongoing student demonstrations at Columbia University protesting American support for the Israeli siege on Gaza.

“Why not send some [police] to Columbia to protect Jewish Students and others? The University would then not have to Shut Down. Republicans want the right to protest in front of the Courthouse, like everyone else!” Trump added.

The NYPD last week arrested dozens of students and other protesters on the orders of university President Nemat Shafik. The NYPD continues to have a large presence around the campus as demonstrations continue.

Before appearing in court, Trump called the pro-Palestinian demonstrations “Hamas Protests,” and questioned why “Country Loving Republicans [aren’t] allowed to peacefully protest around the Courthouse, where I am right now. It’s like an armed camp. MAGA2024!”

“Unlike at Columbia University where the Radical Left Palestinian Protesters sat on the Front Lawn, practically took over the School, and screamed, ‘Death to the Jews, Death to Israel, Death to America,’ and nothing happened to them, Lower Manhattan surrounding the Courthouse, where I am heading now, is completely CLOSED DOWN. SO UNFAIR!!!” Trump wrote in another post, conjuring imaginary chants by the university protesters.

While Trump would love to have less of a police presence around his trial, the necessity of the security measures was evident on Friday when a man self-immolated in a park outside of the court. The man, identified as Maxwell Azzarello, died as a result of his injuries. While Azzarello has not been found to have acted out of allegiance to Trump, the death highlighted his ability to skirt already stringent security measures around the court and endanger other witnesses gathered in the park.

Trump supporters did congregate outside the courtroom during the trial’s first day last week, but MAGA hordes haven’t descended on Lower Manhattan the way the former president may have imagined.

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