Triangular staging brings ‘female empowerment’ to Eurovision – Austria’s Kaleen

Austria’s Eurovision Song Contest entrant Kaleen has said that her triangle-shaped staging is a sign of “female empowerment”.

The 29-year-old singer and dancer, who has previously been involved with the competition by working with other acts on choreography, will try to bring the dance party with We Will Rave to Malmo Arena on Thursday during the second semi-final.

Sweden Eurovision Song Contest
Kaleen is representing Austria (Jessica Gow/TT News Agency via AP)

She told the PA news agency: “I try to (help) everyone who might feel a little sad in their lives, maybe they’re misplaced, maybe they’re just trying to cope with something that’s not going exactly right… to tell them, wait a second, it’s all going to be good eventually, believe in yourself.

“We also have this prop on stage. If you haven’t seen it already but it’s actually above our heads. It’s hanging there in the air. It’s an upside down triangle which is for female empowerment, for strength.

“It is also a sign for a water sign, from the star sign, I’m Scorpio so that also includes me as an artist.

“There are also Swarovski crystals on it in order for the light, when the light hits (it will) magnify in every single direction in the arena.

“And so everyone should feel like they’re a part of my song.

“My song works best when as many people as possible sing it with me so I hope I can hear every single one of you at home, on your couch with me, it would be my dream so you’re a part of this as well and I hope they get to meet all of you and we will have a big rave in the UK one day.”

The established singer also said that having worked with Eurovision acts before helped with the “overwhelming part of it all”.

Kaleen also said: “The community… (has) helped me, I feel like with the whole understanding and getting my mind to where it’s supposed to be, but then eventually, in the end, we’re all just human beings on a stage trying to create this perfect moment so then I hope I can just turn my mind off and enjoy the moment.”

She faces tough competition from Switzerland’s Nemo with the operatic-infused pop song, The Code, and the Netherlands act Joost Klein with the outrageous Europapa,