Treatment to reduce breast cancer risk attracts hundreds

Woman around the world hoping to slash their risk of breast cancer are flocking to South Australia for a new treatment.

Veteran breast cancer specialist Dr Stephen Birrell has formulated a hormone release pill which is implanted just under the skin in what is known as T+Ai therapy.

“Early detection is great and fantastic targeted treatments are tremendous, but there’s nothing better than prevention,” he said.

The tiny tablet, with testosterone and other hormones, is implanted under the skin, thinning breast tissue over four months.

Dr Birrell shows foff the tiny pill, which is implanted under the skin. Photo: 7News.

“The more tissue there is, the denser the breast and the greater the risk of developing breast cancer, and the harder it is to actually find the breast cancer,” Dr Birrell said.

About 400 women have already had the treatment, with some coming from as far away as Thailand and Panama.

Each implant costs about $500.

For more information about the treatment, visit the Wellend Health website.