Traumatised driver who witnessed fiery Boxing Day crash pleads for fire extinguishers in cars

Peter Fegan

A traumatised driver, one of the first on the scene of a Boxing Day crash that's all but wiped out an entire family, is begging the government to make a practical change to all registered vehicles in New South Wales.

Lisa Elmas helped drag sisters Jessica and Annabelle Falkholt from the fiery crash that had already killed their parents.

Courageous beyond belief, Lisa risked her own life to save complete strangers, braving the flames to pull sisters Jessica and Annabelle from the wreck.

But she says if fire extinguishers were in every car, witnesses could have done more.

This fiery crash killed four people, including three members of the Falkholt family. Source: 7 News
Lisa Elmas risked her own life to pull two sisters from the wreck. Source: 7 News

"Oh look, both the girls at the scene I was treating them like they were my own children," she said.

"I wouldn't wish it upon anybody and, my love and prayers to everybody involved".

Annabelle died last week hospital, but thanks to Lisa's heroics she at least had a fighting chance.

A picture of the Falkholt family before the tragic crash on Boxing Day. Source: 7 News
Annabelle Falkholt died in hospital last week. Source: 7 News

Jessica Falkholt is now the sole survivor of the horrific crash near Sussex Inlet on the NSW South Coast.

She remains at St George Hospital in a coma, battling for her life with her devastated family by her side.

Lisa now wants to see a law introduced to ensure all registered vehicles are carrying a fire extinguisher.

Jessica Falkholt is the sole survivor of the crash. Source: 7 News

"A small hand-held [extinguisher] should be fine, definitely, if everybody on the road has one," she said.

She recently created a petition calling for mandatory first aid kits and fire extinguishers in all NSW vehicles.

Lisa is calling for fire extinguishers in all registered vehicles in NSW. Source: 7 News

"There is a lack of access to emergency response tools for motorists who arrive first at the scene of a motor vehicle accident," the petition states.

"Mandatory first aid kits and fire extinguishers in all vehicles in NSW will allow people to assist or have supplies available for others to use."

Last year, 14 people died when their cars went up in flames, with driver error the likely cause.

In 2017, 14 people died when their cars burst into flames. Source: 7 News

The petition will be sent to NSW Minister for Transport Melinda Pavey.

Details on the petition can be found here.