Train slams into bus at full speed in Mexico killing four people

Krystal Johnson

Security vision shows the moment a train slammed into a bus at full speed, sending debris flying at a level crossing in Mexico.

A car crossed the tracks easily followed by the bus which edged toward the railway in an attempt to beat the oncoming train.

The train broadsided the bus at full speed, crumpling the front section and knocking the vehicle sideways.

There was no gate nor warning lights at the crossway in the state of Sinaloa.

The bus can be seen edging toward the railway, trying to beat the oncoming train. Photo: Supplied
Debris can be seen flying everywhere after the bus ran over the crossing which has no warning lights of barriers. Photo: Supplied

The collision killed four people, including the driver, and injured 22.

The state health department said the injured were treated at several local hospitals.

The bus had been hired by a local tile factory and was taking employees home after work when the crash happened, the Iberian Times reported.

News outlet Linea Directa obtained the video and Mexican Prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez described the driver as "negligent", local media reported.


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