Tragic update for little boy after horrific hospital error overseas

Zayn Seguna is finally home in Melbourne after 73 days in hospital including traumatic experiences for his family in Malta and the UK.

A 10-month-old Australian boy has tragically lost half his leg following a grave hospital mistake during an overseas family trip.

Melbourne mum Joanne Magri Seguna told Yahoo News the family of four flew to Malta for her husband's funeral at the start of November, when a few days in Zayn got sick and was diagnosed with influenza bronchiolitis.

Claiming negligent care at Mater Dei Hospital, Ms Seguna said Zayn's condition worsened and led to a punctured artery while trying to insert a central line, causing his leg colour to "change straight away" and go "white and cold".

A photo of Zayn in Mater Dei Hospital in Malta. A photo of his leg that lost circulation due to his artery being accidentally punctured.
An alleged hospital error in Malta led to Melbourne 10-month-old Zayn Seguna having the bottom half of his leg, from the knee-down, amputated. Source: GoFundMe

Instead of rectifying the situation straight away, the family was only told days later the hospital didn't have the resources to do so.

"Four, five days later they say they have no vascular surgeon for children and we need to take them to the UK. Why didn't they tell me the same day that it happened? Could've saved his leg," Ms Senguna told Yahoo News in December.

"All they did with his leg is watch it for four or five days. Gave him blood thinner and that's it," Mrs Seguna said at the time.

Alleged negligent care costs baby Zayn half his leg

After flying to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, the family still hoped that his leg could be saved, however the damage from the knee-down was too severe.

“I used to take photos of his feet, and I’ll treasure those photos forever," she told 7 News. "I’m just grateful he’s here. I want him to grow up doing anything he wants."

Mrs Senguna told Yahoo previously that according to the surgeon in London, Zayn's leg "should've been looked at within hours, not days".

A photo of Zayn at home in Melbourne following the amputation of half his leg from the knee-down.
Zayn is now recovering at home in Melbourne. Source: GoFundMe

The family is now considering taking further action against the hospital, having written a complaint about the doctors failing to send Zayn to another hospital after his artery was punctured, 7 News reports.

Family worry about 'lifelong complications' for 10-month-old

After the lower half of Zayn's leg was amputated, he was finally well enough to fly home on January 16. However, after suffering complications on the plane, he was quickly taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where he contracted another bout of influenza.

Now after spending a total of 73 days in hospital, the family is "ecstatic" to have him home, according to the GoFundme, which has raised $90,385 out of the $100,000 goal.

"The family now face a lifetime of challenges ahead of them with the costs of prosthetics and mobility aids to support Zayn," the GoFundMe read.

"Although they are concerned for Zayn’s leg and the lifelong complications he may have, they are so very grateful to have their little boy awake and smiling.

Zayn has even started crawling, the mum told 7 News.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Mater Dei Hospital for comment.

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