Tragic twist after model's 'plane crash death'

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A model’s social media accounts have been targeted by trolls after it’s presumed she died in a fiery plane crash.

Zara Abid, 28, was on board a plane which crashed in Pakistan’s city of Karachi on Friday, the BBC reported.

In total, 97 people on board the Pakistan International Airlines plane, which crashed in a busy neighbourhood destroying residential properties, died. There were only two survivors.

Ms Abid, a Pakistani model and actor, is presumed to be dead as her name was not on the list of survivors, the health department told The Express Tribune.

But it hasn’t stopped vile trolls attacking her social media accounts which have since been taken down.

In conservative Pakistani society, women in the public eye are often targeted on social media for being “immoral” or not following the strict guidelines of Islamic practices.

Zara Abid, 28, is pictured.
It's believed Zara Abid, 28, died in a plane crash. Source: Instagram/ Zara Abid

One man on Twitter referred to the model as a “Pakistan’s porn star”.

"Allah Pak doesn't like those women who are showing their body parts to everyone and jannat (heaven) is only for pure men and pure women,” another man tweeted.

However, not everyone was without sympathy over the model’s reported death.

“They don’t know your story, they have never walked in your shoes. I’m sure you are in a better place. May Allah bless you with the highest place in Jannah,” one woman tweeted.

Zara Abid, 28, is pictured.
Ms Abid has been attacked by trolls online. Source: Instagram/ Zara Abid

More than two dozen homes were damaged as the airliner roared in, leaving a tangle of severed electric cables and exposed rebar. A broken wing rested against the side of a home, an engine on the ground nearby.

The jet fuel set the wreckage ablaze, along with homes and vehicles, sending black smoke into the sky, a Reuters witness said.

Wreckage of state run Pakistan International Airlines, Airbus A320 is lying amid houses of a residential colony days after it crashed, in Karachi, Pakistan.
Wreckage of the plane sits in a Karachi street. Source: AAP

Crowds rushed to the site – relatives searching for loved ones, rescue workers and the curious. Scores of ambulances and fire engines jammed the narrow, debris-cluttered streets.

One rescue worker told Reuters two bodies were found with oxygen masks on. Many bodies pulled from the wreckage were charred beyond recognition.

The airline's chief executive said on Friday the last message from the pilot indicated a technical problem. A team from Airbus was due to arrive to investigate, a PIA spokesman said.

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