Tradie exposes dodgy building practices in Sydney apartment block

A tradie has taken to TikTok to speak about dodgy apartments in Sydney with building defects.

Video transcript

- In the apartment, nothing is straight. I showed you this the other day-- so they're trying to find where the leak is. This is finished. That's finished. And in there, there's no bloody grout. And this [BLEEP].


Come to this bathroom here. Look at the workmanship-- it's just [BLEEP] garbage. Like-- you know? Everything is garbage. Why do people even just waste their money? See these doors? When you get a bit of wind--


--that's just touching it. So when you get a bit of wind? And look at the paint. Everywhere you go-- it's like a kid done it. In the bathroom, splash marks. Just [BLEEP], you know? These are [SIGHS] nothing, yeah? But it's still [BLEEP]. You know? Cheap [BLEEP] paint. The other day, I was looking at my wall. I could already see the-- look at that! It's a brand new apartment-- just cheap [BLEEP] watered down paint. They probably added water to it. Anyway, this is what you get these days in Sydney.

The building issue's got to change. [? All ?] [? their ?] places, I would not buy. The building industry-- they're just taking people's money, they're building it [BLEEP]. There should be a security. If people want to build an apartment, take people's money, they should have a security-- like, they can't run off with the money. It has to be one year, at least one year, after you move into the apartment, like an insurance. It's just [BLEEP]. The building industry [? in ?] [BLEEP] Sydney. You know, I remember the old school days, the old school Italians and Greeks, and the Serbs. Their brickwork still stands till today. The brickwork today? [HUFFS] After a week, it's [BLEEP] falling to bits.