France: Town of Montmorillon partially submerged after heavy rainfall

A town in France has been partially submerged after heavy rain caused a river to overflow.

Footage taken on Saturday showed major flooding in Montmorillon in southeastern France, with water flowing across its high street and outside homes.

Local authorities issued flood warnings in the region, and said more than 100 firefighters and armed forces personnel were on hand to help residents on Sunday.

They added over 350 people had called emergency services since the flooding started.

Around 30 homes were evacuated, they said, with over a dozen roads closed due to the floods.

On Saturday evening, authorities urged residents to heed their warnings, detailing how one local motorist needed rescuing after ignoring their traffic advice and subsequently finding himself "trapped in the waters" along with his children.

Residents have been told to postpone their trips and shelter upstairs in their homes if possible, and to only evacuate if told to do so by authorities.

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Those who had been evacuated were taken to a local gymnasium for shelter.

Christophe Martin, deputy mayor in Montmorillon, told local radio network France Bleu: "The whole city centre is flooded, we evacuated cars but some are underwater, the water goes up to the roof. The businesses too, the ground floors... the water has gone everywhere."