Tourists warned after girl, 5, bitten by dingo while second child narrowly avoids attack on K'gari

Two children have been chased and lunged at by dingoes. One was bitten, and the other narrowly escaped.

Two terrifying dingo incidents on K’gari, formerly Fraser Island, are being investigated after one child was bitten and another narrowly escaped after being chased.

The first incident on Sunday at about 3pm on Wathumba Beach involved a five-year-old girl who was bitten on the thigh and received lacerations and bruising.

According to the Department of Environment and Science (DES), witnesses said the girl ran from a large group of people near the sand flats and a dingo ran at "full speed towards her and nipped her on the thigh".

An adult got to the girl, waved their hat to ward off the dingo, and then other adults intervened so the dingo moved on. The bite to the child's thigh was treated by a doctor camping on the island.

Left image of a dingo up close standing in bushes. Right image of a K'gari dingo on the beach.
Rangers are attempting to identify the dingo in both K'gari incidents to find out if it was the same on both occasions. Source: Getty

Second child chased as rangers warned families

On Monday, rangers were patrolling the beach at Wathumba and advising people to be "Dingo Safe". They noticed a seven-year-old boy wandering away from his family who had been warned of the dangers.

A dingo then began walking toward the boy, who became scared and ran. Seeing this, the rangers and the parents ran to get to the boy as the dingo "ran at speed" and then lunged, "attempting to bite" the child, but did not make contact.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) is investigating both incidents. QPWS rangers are attempting to identify the dingo and determine if the same animal was involved.

There have been several reports of tourists ignoring warnings and interacting with dingoes on K'gari with one Gold Coast influencer even patting and interacting with the animals on camera. Earlier this year a 10-year-old boy was attacked and dragged under water by a dingo and a woman in her 20s was hospitalised after a pack of dingoes attacked her while on a jog on K'gari.

Image of a dingo on a K'gari beach near a ranger truck.
Rangers say tourists often ignore warnings despite this dingo, and others loitering around the area this year. Source: Department of Environment and Science

Visitors urged to heed warnings and advice from rangers

The DES has urged visitors of K’gari to "keep children under constant supervision" following the two incidents this week. Below are the full set of rules to follow to be "dingo safe" at all times:

  • Always stay close (within arm’s reach) of children and young teenagers

  • Always walk in groups

  • Camp in fenced areas where possible

  • Do not run. Running or jogging can trigger a negative dingo interaction

  • Never feed dingoes

  • Lock up food stores and iceboxes (even on a boat)

  • Never store food or food containers in tents, and

  • Secure all rubbish, fish and bait.

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