Tourists slammed for 'hideous' behaviour at busy hotel: 'CHAOS'

The ridiculous actions prompted staff to issue warnings to some guests.

A man on holiday in a popular part of Spain has watched on in amusement and disbelief at a wild morning ritual performed by crowds of guests at his hotel.

Thomas Clifford was visiting the island of Tenerife with his wife when she warned him about the early ‘race’ to claim a sunbed by the hotel’s picturesque pool.

“My wife told me that everyone races each morning to get sunbeds, I didn’t believe her!” he wrote alongside a video posted to TikTok, dubbing the wild scenes as “sunbed wars”.

Tourists are filmed running to claim a sunbed at a popular hotel in Spain.
Holidaymakers would line up for 40 minutes before running to claim the sunbeds with towels. Source: TikTok

The pool, which appears to open at 8am, is surrounded by dozens of vacant lounges. Just metres away, behind a roped off area, wait a horde of holidaymakers with towels in hands. Some guests had been lining up for 40 minutes to get a chair, Thomas revealed.

Once the pool opens, people flood towards the beds – some running – in a stampede to claim the chairs with their towels. One woman is spotted hurling towels

Thomas said the bizarre rush happened “each morning”, and some people were even “throwing their towels off the top of the stairs” to snag a spot.

Frustratingly, some guests would leave their towels in place to hold their chair before disappearing from the poolside.

“It got to the point that the staff had to start putting personalised 'if you don’t return to the bed, we’ll remove your stuff!' cards,” Thomas said.

The hotel, the Bahia Principe, costs more than $300 a night.

‘Hideous’ behaviour slammed

The TikTok video gained thousands of views, with many finding the tourists’ behaviour off-putting.

“This isn’t a holiday,” one person wrote.

The bright blue pool at the Bahia Principe in Tenerife.
Staff at the Bahia Principe began warning visitors their belongings would be removed if they did not stay by the pool. Source: Trip Advisor

“OMG! Hideous,” another said.

“Which hotel is this? Need to avoid. Can’t be doing with that nonsense,” a third said.

Thomas agreed it was “chaos” every morning, but apart from the daily rush, he praised the hotel and said he had a “lovely holiday”.

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