Tourists' shocking discovery in water after woman floats out to sea

The holidaymakers noticed something in the ocean before alerting the authorities.

Horrified holidaymakers were shocked to discover the body of a 52-year-old woman who a day earlier had disappeared after floating out to sea.

The group of tourists were enjoying a boat trip off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when they spotted the woman's body floating in the ocean. At first, the shocked tour group thought they'd spotted a corpse as the body appeared motionless in the water.

The woman, donning a pink swimsuit with a rubber ring around her waist, went missing on Monday evening when her husband reported losing sight of her in the ocean. She was dragged out to sea with the currents and spent the whole night stranded with only the ring keeping her afloat.

Woman wearing pink swimsuit floating in water Mexico
A tour group spotted a woman floating motionless in the water. Source: JamPress

The tour company immediately alerted the emergency services who arrived promptly on the scene. Tour workers did not try to fish the body out of the water as they presumed the motionless woman was dead. Instead, they kept an eye on the "corpse" until the emergency services showed up.

Shock as woman begins moving

When emergency workers were checking the woman’s vital signs onboard the rescue vessel. But to everyone’s surprise, she suddenly started moving and they realised she was still alive.

Woman rescued from water in Mexico
The woman was thought to be dead but began moving after being rescued. Source: Jam Press

She was taken to nearby Los Muertos Beach where an ambulance was waiting to rush her to hospital. The authorities learned that she is a German woman named Nicole who now lives as a resident in Puerto Vallarta.

Nicole was washed out to sea while enjoying a dip in the ocean with her husband the previous day. According to the latest reports, Nicole is suffering from dehydration but is currently conscious and expected to make a full recovery.


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