Tourist’s scary moment waking up to crocodile outside tent

It's thought that the food and rubbish by the campsite attracted the crocodile to the beach setup.

Camping on the beach is a relaxing pastime for many tourists across the world - but one got a bit more than he bargained for after waking up to discover a crocodile just outside his tent.

The man was filmed sleeping on the beach with his tent open and the large croc resting right beside him. It is thought that the large reptile appeared during the night and slept among the two tents, burned out fire and bags of rubbish.

It’s understood the croc may have turned up after being attracted to the food and rubbish left on the beach by the campsite in Boca Iguanas, located west of Mexico City, Mexico. The area has seen widespread tourist development in recent years.

Since development has taken place, crocs and other wild animals have become somewhat of a tourist attraction in the coastal town.

Man lying in a tent with a crocodile beside him.
A crocodile was spotted outside a tourist's tent on a beach in Mexico. Source: JamPress

Authorities warn tourists

Luckily, the man’s encounter passed without incident but authorities have warned visitors to be mindful of the presence of local wildlife and take appropriate precautions.

“It’s because their habitat is being removed by diverting the local rivers,” one local said of the image.

“Is the person filming the video waiting for the croc to devour his pal?” asked another.

Another suggested that the person behind the camera could be playing a prank on his pal, adding: “That crocodile looks dead to me.”

But it’s not the first time a large croc has been spotted on the sand at a popular beach in Mexico, with swimmers fleeing the area of Zihuatanejo in November last year.

The surprise guest was filmed crawling along the sand, being redirected back into the water by a lifeguard. In the background, curious holidaymakers watched on from afar, with some seen escaping the ocean as the croc approached.

Safety precautions put in place to protect swimmers

In most cases, crocodiles found in Mexico are considered harmless to humans, and locals welcome them freely.

Typically, nets are used to stop crocodiles from approaching popular swimming areas in Mexico, in the same way shark nets are used in Australia.

Crocodile spotted swimming at Aussie beach

Earlier this year, a crocodile was spotted swimming inside the nets at Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas. People had been swimming for well over an hour before it was spotted.

According to Surf Live Saving Queensland, stinger nets are used to protect swimmers from box jellyfish and other small marine life, not crocodiles. The Queensland Department of Environment and Science recommend beachgoers watch out for crocodiles after high tides and heavy rains.

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