Tourists blasted for 'unacceptable' attire at Thai airport: 'Grow up'

One person said the duo are 'definitely Aussies' – but not everyone wants to claim the pair as their own.

A photo of two Speedo-clad tourists at a Thai airport has renewed pleas for travellers to be respectful of different cultures, particularly in countries where there are strict laws around public decency.

The photo, taken at Phuket International Airport — one of the country's busiest portals that serves almost 10 million people each year — went viral earlier this week after two men wearing only budgie smugglers were snapped stacking their bags onto a trolley.

Travellers criticised for 'disrespectful' airport attire

It's obvious the pair aren't locals, but it's not clear which country they arrived from, or are departing to.

While people online said the duo probably thought their attire was "funny", it's prompted a warning from experts, advising that what one person may consider a simple mistake, could end up being costly in another country.

Two men in Speedos at Phuket International Airport putting luggage on a trolley.
Two men donning Speedos at Phuket International Airport have been criticised for disrespecting local culture. Source: Facebook

On social media, people criticised the two men for what was described as "unacceptable behaviour".

"Hard to see how dressing like this at any airport in the world would be culturally acceptable... quite rude," one woman wrote. "When visiting another country, respect their culture. Honestly, I'd ban you for less. I have the highest respect for Thailand and their culture. Grow up and educate yourselves, alternatively go back to your own country," another said.

"When you visit another country, it's important to respect the laws and the culture of that country," said a third. "If you do not behave well, it says a lot about you."

"Everyone seems to think that they are Aussies," an embarrassed woman said, while another told the duo to "grow up".

At least one person however took a light-hearted approach, saying people have become too critical online.

"Could be something hilarious like they lost a bet and these are the terms and or punishment. People need to lighten up a little. The internet and our world has gone way too judgemental," she said. "There’s always a story to every scenario, we as imperfect humans too shouldn’t jump too fast to conclusions," another said.

Travel expert calls for 'manners'

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, travel expert at Finder Angus Kidman said "good manners" are "essential" wherever you are.

"Good manners and respect are essential wherever. You're risking a fine or even deportation if you run rampant and ignore local attitudes and customs," he told Yahoo.

"There can be real financial consequences too. If your departure is delayed because you create an airport ruckus with your outfit, your travel insurance won't cover you for any associated costs – because you've knowingly broken the law. The same applies if you get wildly drunk too.

"Even in Australia, you're going to run into problems. The Qantas Club won't let you in if you're wearing Ugg boots, so Speedos absolutely aren't going to cut it!"

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