Tougher rules for Vic sex offenders

Victorian police will be given the power to publicly identify a person on the sex offenders register.

Under proposed changes to current laws, police will be able to tell a parent, guardian or other third party of the identity of a registered sex offender to protect a child's safety.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton says it's a power police have wanted for some time.

"We've had cases where we've wanted to tell people about some of the risks to a particular child and haven't been able to do so," he told reporters on Wednesday.

"Our information-sharing laws with DHS (Department of Human Services) are also strengthened in this legislation, which is pretty important to us too."

Under other proposed changes, registered sex offenders who fail to comply with tougher reporting obligations could face up to five years jail.

Police and Emergency Services Minister Kim Wells said those on the sex offenders' register would have seven days to report changes in address, vehicle, identity, or physical appearance including tattoos.

Mr Wells said the new restrictions would also require those on the register to tell police about any interstate or overseas travel, and then prove there was no change to those travel plans when they returned.

"It's about giving police more powers to track sexual offenders," Mr Wells said.

"It's about making sure that sex offenders get the message that if they fail to comply with these new laws, they can spend up to five years behind bars, and it's about keeping our children safe."