'Total Fiction': CNN Fact-Checker Exposes 30 Obvious Lies In New Trump Speech

Donald Trump’s rally in Wisconsin on Tuesday was marked by so many falsehoods that CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale’s attempt to list them rapid-fire still took three full minutes.

Dale told Abby Phillip he found 30 obvious lies. Some were his usual false claims and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, while others had a newer origin, such as a reference to a “cheapfake” edit of footage of President Joe Biden at the G7 meeting that made the rounds of right-wing media.

“He said Biden wandered off at the G7 and didn’t know where he was,” Dale summarized. Then he delivered a correction: “No, Biden was briefly chatting with a skydiver who had landed near the group.”

Dale also delivered quick fact-checks to Trump’s claims about everything from Al Capone to Nancy Pelosi to taxes.

“He said Biden’s plans would quadruple your taxes,” Dale said. “Total fiction.”

Check out the full fact-check below:

“And it’s only Tuesday,” Phillip said at the end of the segment.