Tom Cruise 'uses choppers to overcome roadworks'

Tom Cruise is determined to avoid disruptions credit:Bang Showbiz
Tom Cruise is determined to avoid disruptions credit:Bang Showbiz

Tom Cruise is using helicopters to ensure that the latest 'Mission: Impossible' film isn't disrupted by roadworks.

The Hollywood star has found an innovative way of ensuring that the cast and crew of 'Mission: Impossible 8' have been able to get to and from work, amid road works on the M25 in south-east England.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The M25 closure is a headache for most people but not for Tom. He is so keen to keep 'Mission: Impossible 8' in production that he’s got helicopters on standby in London to fly his crew over to Longcross.

"It sounds excessive but delaying work on the film is a bigger problem and Tom is such a professional - he’d move heaven and earth to keep the show on the road.

"Staff on the movie or stars who are needed for filming have been told if they can’t get to Longcross because of the M25 closures they’ll be flown in by chopper. It’s a feat that is just like a scene out of one of Tom’s films."

Last year, Hayley Atwell admitted to feeling inspired by Tom.

The 41-year-old actress has worked with Tom, 61, on the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise, and Hayley confessed to being wowed by his work ethic, describing her co-star as "deeply inspiring".

The brunette beauty told 'ET Canada': "He’s a one-man studio.

"There is nothing this man doesn’t know about movie-making and the cinematic experience for the audience.

"It’s deeply inspiring to find someone who is so committed to something, whose work ethic extends to so many different departments. For me, he remains a real inspiration as a professional, dedicated, enthusiastic guy, whose own success has never been his demise."