Toilet racks up 200 Tinder matches in 24 hours

It appears toilet talk is enough to snag a date on online matchmaking app, Tinder.

A spoof profile created for Oliet, the trusted toilet, got hundreds of matches in less than 24 hours.

Yes, a toilet has racked up more dates than you. Pee-ved? Don't be.

If your Tinder love pursuit has (excuse the pun) hit rock bottom, perhaps it's time to take some tips from Oliet.

His creator, Alex Scola, spent a week on Tinder masquerading as the toilet, before documenting his experience in an online blog.

Oliet racked up more than 200 matches on Tinder in just 24 hours, proving that toilet humour can work. Photo: Distractify

In that time, he made no attempt to disguise the fact that he was, indeed, just a toilet.

"I'm a toilet. I take s*** all day and still no one appreciates me.'

However, Oliet's potty-mouthed chat proved surprisingly popular, with the profile achieving 200 matches, both male and female, in just one day.

One user wrote: "So, what causes a toilet to go out and look for love?" to which Oilet replied: "Probably the same things that cause people to seek out a toilet. Call it a feeling in your gut."

Here, are just a few more of the hilarious responses.