Toddler Wins Hearts With Adorable Habit of Hugging Trees

A young girl from Missouri City, Texas, has melted hearts on TikTok with her adorable habit of hugging trees.

The videos, by mom Kyra Huston, show little Rari approaching trees with great affection and a wide smile on her face.

As she homeschools her daughters, Huston told Storyful that she has had more time to spend outdoors with her girls, which has allowed her to witness Rari’s love for nature firsthand.

“I started to notice Rari would say hi to the trees and hug them during our park trips,” she said. Credit: Kyra Huston via Storyful

Video transcript


KYRA HUSTON: Oh, that's so nice. Do you love the tree?



- Oh, that's so sweet, baby.