Update after horror bee attack on toddler

NCA NewsWire,
A little boy has been rushed to hospital after he was stung by bees up to 100 times. Picture: 9 News

A toddler rushed to hospital after suffering as many as 100 bee stings in a terrifying attack is recovering at home with his family.

The little boy was flown to hospital after being stung dozens of times by a swarm of bees in Paluma, north of Townsville, about 3.30pm on Monday.

A rescue helicopter rushed to the holiday cabins where the boy was staying on a rural property.

He was flown to Townsville University Hospital in a serious condition.

The brave child was discharged after receiving treatment, the hospital said on Tuesday.

A rescue helicopter was called to the rescue property to save the boy. Picture: NCA NewsWire/ Gaye Gerard
The boy was taken to Townsville Hospital in a serious condition.
He was taken to Townsville Hospital in a serious condition.

When a bee sting occurs, the insect jabs its barbed stinger into the skin.

Venom contained in the stinger contains proteins that cause pain and swelling in the sting area, also affecting skin cells and the immune system.

The venom can cause a serious immune system reaction for those with allergies and those who are stung more than a dozen times face a toxic reaction due to the accumulation of venom in the body.

This reaction can include serious problems such as vomiting, diarrhoea, vertigo, convulsions, fever or fainting.

Children, the elderly and those with cardiovascular issues are at particular risk of medical emergency if stung multiple times.