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March 15, 2024

Today on CNN 10, we head to Russia where presidential elections are underway. Then, we have liftoff as SpaceX launches the most powerful rocket, Starship, into space on a third test flight attempt. Next, we recognize two influential women figures during Women’s History Month: environmental activist Wangari Maathai and physicist Lise Meitner. And before you go, we meet a “groggy doggy” who would rather have his beauty sleep than wake up to start his shift watching over sheep at a Virginia farm. All that and more on this episode of CNN 10.



1. When Daylight Saving Time begins and ends, clockmakers have to adjust 2,000 clocks at this location in London?

2. Which species was spotted in the Atlantic Ocean after over 200 years?

3. Lawmakers are looking to ban which social media app in the US because of security concerns?

4. Monday marked the beginning of which Muslim holy month?

5. Which country in Africa recently relocated rhinos to a new habitat because of a rise in that species’ population?

6. Which standardized exam just went fully digital?

7. On Wednesday’s show, we profiled the first Starbucks store where every employee is fluent in American Sign Language. Which city is that store located?

8. Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced what this week due to the ongoing crisis in that country?

9. Which unique sport did we showcase where competitors strap on to skis or snowboards and get pulled by a horse?

10. What’s the name of the world’s most powerful rocket that SpaceX launched on Thursday morning?

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