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January 19, 2024

Today, CNN 10 reports on the persistent storms that have been causing havoc throughout the country the past week with at least 40 people killed across nine states. Then, we head to the Iran-Pakistan border, where Pakistan carried out military strikes on what they believed were separatist militant hideouts inside Iran at a time of expanding conflict in the Middle East. And before you go, CNN 10 heads to China, where a tech company rolls out a new palm scanning service that lets you pay for public transit and even your own coffee! All that and more on this episode of CNN 10.


1. Israel’s ongoing military offensive against Hamas surpassed just passed what milestone?

2. What’s the name of Denmark’s new king?

3. Which animal is going viral at the Toledo Zoo for its diving skills?

4. Which GOP candidate won the state caucuses in Iowa?

5. Featured in Wednesday’s show, which country is making headlines with its second volcanic eruption in less than a month?

6. Where is the World Economic Forum taking place this week?

7. What is the name of the spacecraft that launched last week but is expected to head back to Earth after suffering “critical” fuel loss?

8. Discussed in Thursdays episode, which industry is poised to have its first “normal” year since the pandemic?

9. A New England hiker looks to become the first woman to finish the American Discovery Trail. How long is this trail?

10. What is the name of the Chinese tech company that rolled out new technology that lets you pay for public transport and coffee with the palm of your hand?

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