Tips to help secure your dream home

FIRST ON 7: It's real estate's most closely guarded secret, when a property goes on the market and the best week to make an offer.

Seven News can reveal the inside information, and other tips to help you secure your dream home.

Buying a house is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make, and Sydney is one of the world's most expensive places to do it.

Daily Telegraph columnist, Joe Hildebrand, has written about his struggle to buy property.

"I've been doing some private studies of my own recently and I've found out it's an ancient medieval torture device designed to inflict the maximum physical and emotional stress a human being can handle," Hildebrand said.

"Basically Sydney is one of the most unaffordable place in the world."

Buyers pay for Richard Harvey's advice, but he has given 7News five free tips.

He says you should first look at 50 to 100 properties, and be prepared to pay for building inspections on at least three before buying.

"If you have an expectation that you are going to spend $1500 dollars on three pest and building inspections before you buy, then you won't be as disappointed," Mr Harvey said.

Harvey also encourages potential buyers to knock on doors and speak to potential neighbours.

He also advises having finance and a solictor arranged before you fall in love with a property.

His final tip is to wait until week three of the sales campaign before making an offer.

By this time the seller has a good idea of the price they're after and they're ready to make a deal.

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