Adorable street art: Tiny shops popping up for mini mice in Sweden

Even common street mice need a home that’s warm and inviting and some rodent lover has recognised this and decided to take cuteness to the next level.

A small city in Sweden has taken to building "exterior entrances" to mice homes and it’s melting hearts around the globe.

It's a tiny mouse house. Source: Instagram.

The city of Malmo has recently been inundated with teeny tiny shopfronts covering ugly gaps in the footpath.

If you bend down and look closely enough in the neighborhood of Möllevången you’ll find several tiny businesses including a bakery and a cheese shop, all fit for mice.

“It’s just too darn charming to imagine a world where mice lives parallel to ours but just slightly out of sight,” said one representative of the artist group Anonymouse MMX, who wishes to remain anonymous. (The group has no connection with, a site devoted to online privacy.)

The tiny shopfronts are developing a cult following. Source: Instagram.

The creative mice lovers cited the works of Don Bluth, Disney and Astrid Lindgren as “big influences” for the tiny idea that’s turned into a massive hit overnight.

The current images appear to show only two adjacent shops, but the group says they have plans for more "development" for the tiny town.

The group responsible for the adorable street art. Source: Instagram.

The group has used recycles material to build the storefronts.

“They are built of things that we had laying around and also things we collected, like caps, lids from tin cans, matches, buttons, a lamp shade, Italian stamps etc.,” one of the artists told the Huffington Post.

“The idea was to use things mice themselves could have collected and reused.”

Sadly however the mice can’t actually access the stores for now.

“The nuts are real but the store is closed at the moment, so unless the mice possess some kind of lockpicking talent we doubt they’ll get it,” an artist said.

Another adorable shop window. Source: Instagram.

The form of art is already gathering a rather large human fan base.

“The idea is for them to stick around until someone breaks them, and for them to become an organic part of the city,” the mysterious mouse artist said.

“Already people have started to interact with them ― someone has baked miniature buns and posters have been added to the scenery.”

The real question is do the mice think it’s nice?

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