Time travel trick: Four sets of identical twins prank baffled subway passengers

Caity Stone

Just when New Yorkers thought the subway couldn't get any weirder, it does.

Commuters were left dumbstruck when ‘travellers’ began appearing from ‘the future’ on the N train as part of an elaborate prank where talented actors were winning at twinning.

The footage starts with a lone man announcing to the train that he is a scientist who is crowd funding for the construction of his “time machine”.

The nonchalant passengers, who are seemingly accustomed to odd behavior on the popular mode of transport ignore the mans pleas for assistance.

The moment the prankster began the elaborate joke on the train. Source: YouTube.
Possible double trouble was at play on the New York subway. Source: YouTube.

Things however take a bizarre turn when another passenger – the identical twin - enters the train and announces that he is “from the future”.

Stunned passengers stare at the pair appearing confused by what is occurring and seemingly pondering if the time travel has indeed transpired.

As the stops continue more 'time travelling identical twins' begin arriving on the train, confusing their fellow passengers even further.

Each set of twins – four in total – confront and warn their ‘past-self’ about the dangers of "playing with time".

This set of twins seemed as shocked by each other as the stunned commuters on the train. Source: YouTube.
Like looking in a mirror. These two sets of twins we also involved in the elaborate prank that left subway commuters scratching their heads. Source: YouTube.

Towards the end of the video most of the fellow commuters on the train appear in the footage to understand that ‘time travel’ hasn’t in fact occurred and that they have been pranked by four sets of identical twins.

The clip was uploaded to social media and has since gone viral.

The NYC-based prank collective group who uploaded the vision call themselves Improv Everywhere and are no strangers to performing elaborate pranks.

It's not the first time the pranksters have performed for unsuspecting members of the public. Source: YouTube.

In their social media post the group explains: "For our latest mission, we staged an elaborate time travel prank on a New York City subway car with four sets of identical twins.”

“Eight time travelers convene on the subway car as the train rolls along, surprising the random commuters caught up in the middle."

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