TikTok's favourite 'natural facelift' tool now at Woolies for under $30

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You may know the benefits of cryotherapy and ice facials, but have you tried them?

If not, perhaps it is because cryotherapy is expensive and who wants to hold slippery ice cubes as they melt down your face and hands? Not practical.

So Sarah Forrai designed a solution: the Contour Cube.

Against a pink background, an olive skinned brunette woman smiles while holding two pink moulds of ice.
Since launching in 2021, Contour Cube's "genius" ice facial hacks have built a cool global fan base. Photo: Supplied

With 30 million TikTok views, the Contour Cube has gone global in its short one year life, with its simple, practical answer to facial icing.

Facial icing is an ancient tradition to reduce puffiness and increase circulation, dubbed a "natural primer and facelift" by celebrity facial and makeup artists.


Instead of holding dripping ice cubes to your face in your morning routine, the Contour Cube smoothly does the job via its unique silicone mould, giving you a spa treatment in seconds.

Already, this "genius" product has revolutionised millions of skincare routines, pioneering ice facials.

"The Contour Cube has been successfully designed to sculpt the contours of your face in a convenient, non-slip tool, making it easy to grip ice," Sarah tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"You can now safely ice your face with the Contour Cube without worrying about sharp edges and cold fingers."

And, no, you don't need hundreds of dollars for this game-changing product.

You can shop the range at Woolies and The Iconic from under $30.

One ice-cool mum

"The concept was inspired by my mom, who introduced me to facial icing," Sarah explains.

"My mum swears by ice facials, her best-kept secret for her youthful complexion."

The Australian-designed skincare hack requires just a few seconds and is the non-surgical answer to contouring and lifting your skin, tightening pores and de-puffing eye bags.

Icing also soaks away oil and works wonders for acne, stopping spots in their tracks by soothing swelling.

It increases circulation and rejuvenates the skin, promoting a radiant, natural glow.

"As ice facials started to become part of my everyday skincare routine, I realised it was uncomfortable holding cold, slippery ice cubes and wanted to create something that would protect my hands," Sarah adds.

"That’s when it hit me."

Against a pink background, two caucasian hands hold a full size and mini pink silicone mould of a Contour Cube with frozen ice.
Against a pink background, two caucasian hands hold a full size and mini pink silicone mould of a Contour Cube with frozen ice.

Necessity mother of invention

After doing her own research, Sarah realised there was no tool designed to fit the contours of the face.

"I immediately put pen to paper and started drawing out my designs for the product," she says.

She and partner Lewis used a 3D printer for prototypes and samples, testing them on their first customer, Sarah's mum.

After getting the tick of approval, Sarah launched the product to an overwhelming response.

Her second TikTok had an immediate six million views, sending the Contour Cube viral around the world.

"Our followers loved the story behind the product and TikTok," Sarah says.

They also loved the results, with thousands of customers amazed at the simplicity and effect of this viral hack.

"You’re genius," one enthusiast wrote.

"I swear by the cubes for my TMJ swelling."

"Very innovative! I love this!" a second wrote.


Simple to use

To use, simply pour water into the mould, freeze and take off the lid to reveal your perfectly shaped ice facial tool.

"You can also experiment with ingredients, such as freezing green tea for inflammation, lemon water for brightening, coconut milk for hydration and cucumber water for enhanced de-puffing," Sarah says.

"We also have customers share their personalised recipes with us, such as tomato juice, which has anti-aging properties, as well as freezing serums e.g. aloe vera, rose water and hyaluronic acid," she adds.

Australians can shop the wide range of Contour Cube products from The Iconic and at Woolworths in mini and full sizes and a variety of colours.

The original Contour Cube retails for $34.95 and the Contour Cube Mini, perfect for travel and freezing serums, is $29.95.

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