Who is the TikToker living in Taylor Swift’s childhood home?

A TikToker went viral for her “weird connection” to Taylor Swift.

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Sydney Redner, AKA @sydthefreakinbid, went viral back in 2020 when she revealed she lived in the pop star’s childhood home. Before kicking off her music career in Nashville as a teen, Swift lived in Berks County, Pa. Redner’s back in the spotlight now that the home is up for sale.

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Who is Sydney Redner?

Redner is a TikToker with 3,230 followers. She mostly posts personal vlogs about her dogs and friends. She briefly had viral success when her connection to Swift sparked TikTok’s interest.

“If you’re from Berks County, Pa. name your weird connection to Taylor Swift. I’ll start: My mom’s old boss turned her away from singing at a bar,” a TikToker said.

Redner stitched the video to say, “I live in her childhood home.” But she hardly gave a tour, only showing the foyer and outside of the home.

Swift’s childhood home is up for sale

Swift’s old home was first built in 1929. The 3,560 square foot Colonial Revival style house has five bedrooms, and three and a half baths. She lived there until she was 14 and is believed to have written the songs “Teardrops On My Guitar” and “Love Story” there.

“In the cement outside, there is an imprint that says ‘TAS,’” Redner told House Beautiful. She believes it stands for Swift’s initials (Taylor Alison Swift).

“We get a lot of fans taking pictures outside the house. I feel like there tends to be more around the holidays when people are traveling from other states and want to see it,” Redner told House Beautiful.

“If Taylor Swift has a concert in Philadelphia or somewhere close, there are more fans around that time. Our family is fine with fans taking pictures as long as they are quick and respectful.”

That might be changing now since reports show that the home is up for sale for $1 million.

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